Why Uniforms?

A famous American actress, ‘Nia Talita Long’ once quoted, “I think it’s a beautiful thing when you wear a uniform or a garb which represents a group of people because what it immediately symbolizes is oneness, togetherness”

In simple language a uniform is a set of clothing worn by the members of a particular group, industry workplace or an organization.

Why are uniforms so essential in today's society?

In every field uniform is needed, whether we see the doctors, police personnel, firefighters, pilots, and students. They all wear a uniform that helps identify them with their profession.

Let's discuss the importance of uniforms vividly

Sense of pride - When we see an organization with the members wearing a particular uniform, there is a sense of pride in their eyes for instance when we see army men in their uniforms there is a sense of responsibility and duty towards not only the country but also towards the uniform which gives them their identity and represents them to the world.

Differentiation - There are varied varieties of uniforms when we see the hotels, schools, restaurants, the small stores, and shops, the differentiation in uniform in every field gives identity to that particular set of working people and to the institution of the larger.

Affordability - Uniforms not only save time and helps the person to be punctual but also cuts the cost of clothing. Uniforms are affordable enough in every field for people to buy without the money constraint.

Sense of Equality - It creates a sense of equality amongst the different castes, classes, gender, race, and ethnicity. For eg: Uniforms prevent distinction between the rich and poor, helping the poor even to buy and give themselves equal recognition. Uniforms also avert women's discrimination which can be seen in some parts of the world. Men and women wear the same uniform which inculcates oneness.

Brand Recognition - Not to deny a fact, the uniform is definitely and undoubtedly a walking advertisement, which gives the person a professional and executive look. It allows the group of people of a specific organization to stand out of the rest and exhibit true professionalism.

Comfort & Security - Uniforms are designed keeping in mind, the environment and work culture of a respective institute. Uniforms are primarily focused on comfort & security as for an employee to give his/her maximum potential is crucial for any organization also depending on the nature of the work, there can be risks within the workplace so wearing appropriate uniforms ensures safety upfront.

Sense of Unity - Last but not the least, with uniforms being worn everywhere, it creates a sense of unity and team spirit amongst the members of a collective society. It boosts the spirit of brotherhood and also encourages mutual respect, belongingness towards each other.

All in all to summarize, uniforms help us stay punctual, professional, give a sense of pride, unity, responsibility, togetherness, and also helps in spreading equality, that's why we should keep promoting uniforms.

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By - Muskaan Seth

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